"Embodiment is living in the fullest expression of your Self.


To be intentionally connected 

and present with Self.

To allow space Feel; deeply,  fully, and wholeheartedly."

-Tiffani R. Moore

BMM is a moving, breathing, guided meditation centered around healing and restoring your connection to Self, led by Intuitive Wellness Healer & Coach Tiffani R. Moore.

This experience guides you on a journey through body, mind, and spirit to assist in recentering yourself into your wholeness.

Tiffani combines the deep yet passive postures of Yin Yoga to quiet the body, gentle BreathWork to release heaviness, and closing with a gentle guided meditation to rest and recenter into a more calm and aligned version of self.

We close each session with a community discussion and time to reflect through journaling.

This closing of the sacred space offers the opportunity to connect with fellow members of their community, compassionately making room for all souls to be seen and heard.